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Surf Coaching


We have a new surf coaching program using double screen video analysis, we make you a training plan and a diet so that you can reach your goals in the best way.

We also offer you a very valuable thing, time, so private surf coaching lasts a whole 8-hour working day.

If you want a completely individual class the price is 1100 kr / class
If you are willing to share the class with a maximum of 3 people the price is 950 kr / class

We will help you improve your surfing, we provide you with an extra wetsuit for the second session, we will look for two types of waves (sand / rock). If any of the break points does not have the minimum quality required, Finnmark Surf is committed to recovering the class when conditions are optimal.

* Only available for intermediate and experienced surfers.
* If you are going to book for children under 16 years old, you must let us know in advance.
* Do not forget that a delicious hot chocolate or coffee awaits you and a good sandwich to regain strength.

* If you are locals and you want to become a member of our surf club please keep on touch with us.

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